Tangy Homemade Coleslaw

This version of homemade coleslaw is made with a vinaigrette base giving it a lively tangy taste that is perfect on it’s own as a side dish or to top off pull pork sandwiches, tacos, burgers or alongside some fish and chips!   A little bit of grilled corn on the cob with the kernels removed adds a little pop of sweetness to balance out the acidity.

Coleslaw originated from the a Dutch word Koolsla which means cabbage salad.  It can be made with mayo or vinegar bases but traditional European Coleslaw is made with vinegar.  It was only in America during the 18th century when mayonnaise arrived on the scene that vinegar based salads like coleslaw became mayonnaise based salads.

Homemeade coleslaw made with an oil and vinegar base held in a crisp white bowl over a royal blue napkin